Churchouse Letter
October 2016          by Tama Churchouse

The Best “Future-Proof” Investment, Today

How to Profit From a Huge Tech Trend That Everyone's Ignoring

Get in early on a transformational technological shift that will impact our lives in unimaginable ways.
Until now, there has not been a straightforward, cost-effective way to access this opportunity - we lift the lid on how you can take part...
This edition of The Churchouse Letter was written by Tama Churchouse and edited by Peter Churchouse.

This story starts with a boom, or rather a bubble. One of the largest, most spectacular stock market bub-bles the world has ever witnessed, in fact.

This bubble wasn’t built on flowers like the ‘Tulipmania’ that gripped Holland in the 1630s. No, it was grounded in the promise of genuine, transformational change.

I’m talking about the internet, and the dotcom bubble of the late 1990s.

That mania ended like every other before it. With a bang. But, the underlying idea, that the internet would profoundly change everything, was true!

The opportunity we’re going to share with you today is built on a similar notion… that it will change everything.

It will impact nearly every part of your daily life. And, it’s already happening – right now.

It lies in a sector that is simply ignored by most investors.

Let me explain.

I finished boarding school in England in the late 90s when the dotcom bubble was at its peak. I was 18, and landed my first job with a technology company in Amsterdam.

I wasn’t entirely sure why I’d been given the role. I had zero I.T. credentials. The only technical qualification I possessed back then was an ability to use Hotmail.

I’d like to elaborate on what my role at this company actually entailed, but I can’t.

It’s not that I’m bound by non-disclosure or that I’ve forgotten. It’s because I simply don’t know, even to this day.

It was never made clear to me.

I sat at my desk from nine to five. I surfed the internet. I did odd jobs for my boss. I wasn’t exactly operating at the cutting edge here.

But, I’ll never forget one thing. My starting salary. It was 3,000 euros… A MONTH! For an 18-year-old, fresh out of school with zero experience.

Adjusted for inflation, in today’s terms, that’s around US$55,000 annually.

That’s more than the current median U.S. household income!

Incidentally, it would take me another six years and an economics degree before I earned that level of salary again.

Looking back, my Amsterdam experience was a classic symptom of what booms and manias bring. Crazy money for kids who could do little more than operate a computer.

A few months after my stint in Amsterdam finished, that salary evaporated faster than ‘’.

Back to the Future

If you could transport yourself back to 1995 and buy those tech stocks you only thought about before, you’d have the chance to make up to 450% or more if you timed your exit right.

I’m absolutely serious when I say that’s the setup we’re looking at today.

Amazingly, this opportunity isn’t new. But it is overlooked. And, it is at the apex of an incredible shift that is taking place right now.

I estimate that less than 5% of individual investors have even given it a second thought. And I suspect most people don’t understand the extraordinary transformation that is already happening.

Not only is it already double-digit growth industry, it’s one that will completely upend everything as you know it today.

For a start, it will change how we work, who works, how we make things, and how we move those things, as well as people.

I spent a decade working on derivatives structuring desks. As a result, I possess a far more cynical attitude towards Silicon Valley-style jargon than most.

But what’s happening right now is a genuinely a paradigm shift, with impacts that will rival the adoption of either the internet or smartphones.

I’m talking about Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. (I’ll shorten this to ‘robotics’ for the rest of the newsletter.)

What is a Robot? An autonomous or semi-autonomous mechanical or virtual artificial agent guided by a computer program. And robotics is the branch of technology that encompasses the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, along with computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

They Are Already Among Us…

In essence, robotics and automation combined with huge leaps in AI, is creating a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter how we live and work...

Advances in robotics, automation and Artificial Intelligence is on the cusp of revolutionising global industry, subscribe to The Churchouse Letter today to find out how it can do the same for your portfolio.

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