Churchouse Letter
September 2016        by Peter Churchouse

The Asian Infrastructure Revolution

Investing in Asia's Future... Today

The balance of growth in infrastructure is tipping towards Asia. The scale and size of the opportunities that will present themselves are astounding.
In this edition, we give an overview of what's going on in five Asian countries I've recently visited, and recommend one in particular for your consideration.

I had just finished an interesting meeting with the founder of a small start-up tech company in in Jakarta, Indonesia. Looking forward to my next appointment a mile away, I jumped into the waiting car.

Two hours of gridlocked traffic later, I had to accept defeat and head back to the hotel to freshen up for my dinner engagement.

Or so I thought! Once again, traffic got the better of us.

Anyone who lives or travels regularly in this part of the world knows that traffic can be paralysing. The Bangkok traffic jams in the 1990s were legendary. Businessmen were driven in vans fitted with desks, and some even had a toilet in the back, such was the traffic nightmare.

While Bangkok's traffic is still awful, it has improved with the development of the city's elevated rail transit system. Jakarta, by comparison, remains in the Stone Age. There is virtually no public transport system of any substance in this city of close to 20 million people.

We often complain about infrastructure in the West, a pothole here, an outdated airport there. It may not be operating as efficiently as needed, is stretched to capacity or showing its age, but at least is exists!

In most emerging markets in Asia, such infrastructure ranges from bad to virtually non-existent. The shortages beggar belief.

Here is a region that is tipped to grow at a rate of around twice the global average in the coming few years, yet there are massive shortfalls in the provision of roads, public transport, railways, ports, airports, electricity, water supply, sewage, waste disposal, telecommunications, hospitals, and schools.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve pounded the pavements of cities all across Asia. I’ve visited Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

I’ve seen first-hand how far these countries have come… and just how far some of them still have to go.

The scale of what’s required is simply massive. And NOW is the time to position yourself to profit from this need.

Asia is going to be front and centre of global infrastructure development in the coming decade.

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