Churchouse Letter
February 2017         by Peter Churchouse

It PAYS to Listen to the Chinese Government

The story of China’s explosive growth over the past few decades is incredible… I was there on the ground at the very beginning and witnessed first-hand that when the government says ‘growth’ it means business.
A key advantage that China’s system of government and planning is that we are told in advance which sectors will receive money and policy support. With ambitions of such magnitude, nothing happens overnight… but we can position ourselves to get ahead of a growing trend which is exactly what this month’s recommendation does.
We also review our first ‘Short Term Tactical Trade’ recommendation and update accordingly.

My inaugural flight to Hong Kong touched down from London in March of 1980. My mission: to design and plan a new town for 535,000 people for a private sector consortium. This syndicate consisted of one of China's largest conglomerates and some of Hong Kong's most well known real estate names.

Hong Kong was in the grip of an almighty real estate bubble at the time. The economy was booming.

The fuel for this fire was the beginnings of China's now well documented opening up to the world.

Foreign banks, manufacturers and all manner of service providers were pouring into Hong Kong and the newly emerging industrial zones immediately north of the border in China.

The work was fast and furious and the hours long and hard. But we all knew somehow that we were playing a small part in an earth-shaking event. What was happening in China was going to be globally significant. None of us imagined just how significant this would become.

My first serious foray into China for business didn’t occur for another couple of years.

The municipal authorities of Dalian asked my company to provide them with some informal planning advice.

Dalian was a grimy, hard core smokestack industrial city on the coast of northern China.

In this edition of The Churchouse Letter, Peter goes on to describe his first visit to mainland China, what he saw, and how the Chinese government managed to bring about such explosive economic growth.

Peter explains why we should listen to the Chinese government… doing so can provide profitable opportunities for investors. And we update our first Short Term Tactical Trade recommendation, up double-digits in the month since we made the call…

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