Churchouse Letter
January 2017          by Peter Churchouse

Asia In A Trump-ed Up World

The election of Donald Trump to the office of the President of the United States represents one of the most extraordinary political upsets in modern history.
Mr. Trump promises to completely upend the global geopolitical order, and in particular his comments and apparent philosophy towards Asia represents a dramatic shift from previous mod- ern Presidents.
We take an initial assessment of what Mr. Trump could mean for Asia, in particular China...
... and we recommend an un-related short-term tactical trading opportunity on a stock that gave us a double-digit return the last time we recom- mended it.

I spent the final ten days of the recent U.S. Presidential election in blissful ignorance. No CNN, no talking heads, no partisan political hacks, and no ranting emails from my concerned American friends.

No. I was in the national parks of Zambia, camera in hand, revelling in the majestic beauty and wildlife of Africa.

No mobile phone signal. No wi-fi. No television.

It was the perfect way to escape. It was also a reminder that vast, beautiful and important parts of our planet will carry on regardless of who sits behind the desk of the oval office. As shall we all.

A refreshing thought!

I spent election day flying back to Asia. As I landed, Tama called me. He was stunned. Trump was going to win.

What a re-introduction to the “real” world!

In the weeks since The Donald’s victory, there have been countless words written and spoken on the subject. Everyone continues to ruminate on the global impacts of one of the most unexpected political events in generations.

President Trump? Really?

I’ll be honest. I was not expecting a Trump victory. I really wasn’t.

A possibility? Sure. The polls were more than close enough to suggest that. But President Trump?

The reaction to his victory, especially from younger folks I know, has been illuminating. Worry, anger… borderline panic and hysteria in some cases!

Forgive me if this sounds a touch trite, but this old dog has seen a few things in his time.

The world will keep turning. People will still wake up with the same worries they had before... how to provide for their family, how to get ahead, how to make, grow and preserve wealth.

Here at the Churchouse offices, we are trying to figure out what a Trump presidency means for Asia, home to almost 60% of the world’s population.

Will the Trump election herald transformational changes in Asia of the same magnitude as the secular transformations that I have lived through in the past 36 years? Will it become an important chapter in the book of global history, or a mere footnote?

Plus, in this edition of The Churchouse Letter, we make our first short-term tactical trade recommendation… it’s a stock that gave us a nearly 40% return last time we recommended it. This time, we’re looking for a double-digit gain in the next couple of months.

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