Asian investment legend brings you global wealth building opportunities


Launched in 2009 as The Asia Hard Assets Report, The Churchouse Letter now provides hundreds of readers across the globe with investment ideas every month.


The author, Peter Churchouse, has been one of Asia’s leading analysts and investors in markets and real estate for over 30 years… and being interviewed on financial news programs for almost as long.


He has done everything from heading research departments at investment banks to managing award winning funds.


“You can take credit for completely shattering the way I looked at investing.”
Joseph C., Entrepreneur, New Zealand


Peter is always on the lookout for opportunities to build wealth, and as a renowned investor he is often afforded opportunities to check out operations at different companies and meet with regional industry officials.


Leveraging his experience, knowledge and extensive network, Peter identifies and shares wealth generating plays with subscribers of The Churhcouse Letter at the end of every month.


As a long time Asian investor, Peter knows the markets inside and out… providing incredible insight into a region brimming with growth potential.


The Churchouse Letter presents these opportunities in a no-nonsense way… meaning investors of every level can take advantage of these easy to implement ideas.


Subscribers can also take advantage of our 50 day money back guarantee if they feel like The Churchouse Letter doesn’t exceed their expectations.


blue quot left Nice, simple, yet smart approach to common sense investing. I like it! blue quot left

Bryan S., Hong Kong


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