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In short, it is a terrific publication and the only one of its kind that I subscribe to. I often recommend it to my colleagues.
P. Higgins
Since subscribing to The Churchouse Letter, I have noticed that Peter and the entire staff have done a remarkably thorough job of covering Asian and other investment environments for compelling and sensible investment opportunities to offer subscribers. Conditions in many markets over the last year or so seem to have been (and continue to be) challenging. I sincerely appreciate the well-researched investment recommendations you fine gentlemen provide.
John A.
I always look forward to Peter's newsletters… Have recommended several friends to read and those who have done something about it have been most complimentary.
Ian B.
A Hong Kong investing legend. Peter knows everyone. And he knows China.
John Mauldin - Author, Analyst, and Financial Writer
You write a great message about yourself and your experience. I loved it.
Brian C.
There's alot of news and views from different sources... But what is the trade for the retail investor? The Churchouses' puts a focus on that, with views that are concise, clear and actionable.
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I have enjoyed reading your letters and look forward to continue doing so.
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I have recently subscribed to your publication and have found it very helpful.
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New subscriber here and would like to add that the newsletters are great
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In a field full of hype and alarm, it's comforting to get the calm wisdom of Peter Churchouse's letter to give me perspective when managing my own clients’ money.
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I have benefited tremendously from Peter's insights over the years.
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I really enjoy Peter’s style of writing, not just the good ideas but even if I disagree with him I always feel better informed after reading his newsletters. Keep up the good work!
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You can take credit for completely shattering the way I looked at investing.
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Through his newsletter, Peter and his team are able to bring a truly original and independent perspective, which given the decades he has spent operating in Hong Kong and the region is priceless.
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I am convinced about the quality of your work.
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I’m no financial expert or anything, but I really learn a huge amount from your newsletter. Thank you Peter.
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