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I believe that whether or not you’re in the finance business, everyone should have the opportunity to invest and build wealth.

At Churchouse Publishing we provide easy-to-understand investment and wealth building ideas for our readers. That’s it. No “get rich quick” schemes or “trading systems”.

I’ve been writing about, practicing and commentating on global markets from Hong Kong for over three decades.

I’ve built an eight figure net worth… but I’ve never bought a new car, you’ll never see me behind the wheel of a porsche….. and I don’t wear a rolex…..

In 1980 I left London and arrived in Hong Kong for a six month stint. I started as a project manager for the creation of a new town here in Hong Kong. It ended up housing more than half-a-million people.

From there I went into research, setting up Jones Lang Wootton’s (now Jones Lang Lasalle) department covering regional markets. It was an exciting time with China’s economy just beginning to open up and Hong Kong’s stock market being dominated by property companies.

I had the privilege of working with the late, great Barton Biggs, being conscripted by him in 1987 to help set up Morgan Stanley’s first Asian office.

And there I ended up staying for 16 years as the head of Asian Real Estate Research, and thereafter Regional Strategist and Head of Research for Asia.

Looking for a new challenge, I set up an Asian investment fund with LIM Advisors in 2004. We invested in both physical property and real estate-related public securities and in 2006 were deemed Best Real Estate fund in Asia. I wound down my investment fund in 2009 and began writing what has now become The Churchouse Letter.

I sit on the boards of some major listed Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese developers.

And I travel. A lot. I’ve racked up millions of air miles. You can’t write about investing or financial markets from behind a desk. You need “boots on the ground” and the kind of insights your network will only give you in person.

And I’m constantly in touch with the global network I’ve spent decades building. I squeeze in the occasional appearance on Bloomberg or CNBC… of course I try to go sailing and fishing whenever I can.

I’ve been putting my experience, knowledge and network to good use, helping people find investment opportunities with The Churchouse Letter (formerly The Asia Hard Asset Report) since 2009.

Good investing,


P.S. We offer a money-back guarantee so feel free to try us out. And if The Churchouse Letter is not for you, then get a full refund… no questions asked.

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