About Us

Churchouse Publishing Limited was founded in 2012… but the insight, investment ideas and knowledge that Peter Churchouse shares with his readers are based on a lifetimes worth of experiences on the front-lines of finance in Asia.

Our mission? To bring our subscribers profitable investment recommendations that anyone with an interest in building their wealth can easily implement.

We don’t deal with get-rich-quick schemes or special “secret sauce” trading systems… and as an independent company, we have no interest in selling you financial products of any kind.

As Warren Buffet said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”. Our entire business rests upon our maintaining the highest levels of integrity, in an industry that is unfortunately beset by those who lack it.

Which is why we endeavour to treat our readers with the respect that we would wish to receive.

And it’s also why we offer our subscribers a guaranteed refund period on our core subscription publication, The Churchouse Letter. There’s already enough risk in the world of finance, there’s no need for you to take on even more without having the opportunity to see for yourself what we offer.

And it seems to be working. We haven’t had to give out a lot of refunds.

A Personal Message from Peter:

I’ve spent decades in finance and real estate. I ran Morgan Stanley’s Regional Research Department and acted as Regional Strategist for over 10 years. I’ve run a hedge fund, made investments giving 100-fold returns, travelled the world, made mistakes, met great people, and done business with people I’d rather forget about… it’s been a long ride.

Along the way, I’ve witnessed some of the best and some of the worst of investing decisions.

I’ve seen people make a smart choice that has opened the door for real financial security down the road.

And I’ve seen wealthy men and women who’ve built up their own businesses jeopardise their wealth by making a risky investment and throwing good money after bad.

So four years ago I started Churchouse Publishing to put the same skills I used to help build Morgan Stanley’s business to work helping investors of every stripe build better portfolios.

I strongly believe that the best person to make a choice about your wealth is you, and that’s why our focus is on getting you the best possible information we can to help you make those decisions.

What sets us apart from other financial research companies is that we’re 100% independent. We work for you, and your wealth.

I hope you enjoy and profit from our research.

– Peter